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Sprawdź, za pomocą jakich narzędzi od kilku lat skutecznie wspieramy polskie firmy w rozwoju eksportu


If you are planning to expand into new markets, before making a decision you need to know the details about the market environment. Our developed research will enable your company to reduce the risk and to place strategic company resources used to expand into selected market relevantly.

Marketing research compiled by ITRO contains:

  1. The characteristics and trends in the industry and market,
  2. The analysis of the formal requirements of market entry,
  3. Identification and recommendation on the product distribution channels,
  4. Identification and recommendation on fairs most relevant tothe company’s offer,
  5. The analysis of demand and supply substitutes and competing products for the company’s offer,
  6. Recommendation of potential partnersin the target market,
  7. SWOTanalysis ofCompany competitors,
  8. The analysisof the competitive environment of company on foreign market,
  9. Effectiveness of advertising channels.



Dedicated database is a guarantee of the quality of provided information.

  1. Developing contractor profile.
  2. Preselection based on logical criteria for selecting companies developed in accordance with the contractor profile.
  3. Selection based on thorough fundamental analysis of the content of the website

Dedicated (selected) database is a tool allowing the trader to focus on highly relevant group of potential customers.

Prepared databases available on the market contain outdated data in many cases. Number of records in the database usually makes it useless because searching for potential customers among 1000 companies makes hard to find and choose the right ones.

Time spent onthe verification of such a database is completely ineffective in a trader’s work.

Dedicated database is built on customer specified criteria. It is built by our consultants, ensuring accuracy and topicality of the data.

Business  meeting in the downtown. Businessmen and business woman


The basis of choice of the appropriate business partneris defining the profile of the counterparty.

On this basis, we build a dedicated database of potential clients. Properly prepared commercial offer in the native language of the counterparty, presented to a well-selected group of clients always produces results in the form of arrangement of business meetings with companies initially interested in the offer.

Verification of the business partner and negotiations conducted according lylead to a success in a choiceof counterparties.
ITRO’s experts provide assistance in trade negotiations.



Arranging business meetings is a continuation of choice and selection of contractors service, which is the first part of trade process. Well done selection of contractors service is topped by arranging business meetingswith clients interested in cooperation. Therefore, arranging business meetings is also a process, which illustrates:

  1. Building a database
  2. Selection of contractors according to specified criteria
  3. Preparation of the commercial offer matched to the selected market
  4. Sending business proposals to the potential clients from database
  5. Developing a reporton the effectiveness of mailing
  6. Forwarding requests to the contracting authority
  7. Answers to thequestions after consultation with the contracting authority
  8. Telephone survey of interest in the customer offer
  9. Arranging business meetings
  10. Forwarding schedule of meetings with potential clients
  11. Final report



Economic missions are another effective way for you to penetrate markets, appoint agents or distributors.

It is good way to spend less money to get more information about fair you may want to participate in future. If you spend your time and money to see exhibition you may also arrange business meetings with potential clients or partners.

ITRO prepare a profile of your potential client, build dedicated database, prepare and send business offer to your potential clients, and appoint business meetings during the fair you visit.

During economic mission you have more free time then being participant of a fair. You have enough time to visit office or shop’s your potential clients to learn more about his strength and weakness



Foreign trade fairs are becoming more popular as a form of promotion among Polish entrepreneurs. Exposing  at the fairs, we have an opportunity to present the offer to potential clients, to meet the counterparties with whom we already cooperate, and to learn the competitor`s offer.

As part of trips to the fairs, Itro provides its clients:

  • representation in contacts with trade fair organizer
  • exhibition space reservation and rental
  • organizing business meetings with potential clients
  • full support and organization of the trip – flight, hotel, visa, insurance
  • catalogs, price lists and commercial offer developing
  • interpreter and negotiator support

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