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Services that meet the needs in terms of promotion and trade on Foreign Markets.


External export department service includes:

  • developing strategy,
  • preparing an offer,
  • building and selecting a group of potential customers,
  • working to acquire and service customers.

We propose flexible offer, suited to the needs of each entrepreneur providing a comprehensive service of external export department or only selected elements, according to the individual wishes.

Purchaser has permanent access to the mail boxes of working for him employees, it allows him to keep everything under control and access to the information about his customers. Purchasers are only responsible for logistic service of export department.


Representative office is a service consisting in opening client’s company branch office in:

  • Poland
  • Russia
  • China

including service and sales organization and management of forming structure.

Why use the services of ITRO?

  1. ITRO is an independent entity, which is not generating additional costs such as: costs of the recruitment process, employment insurance or employee trainings.
  2. ITRO is an experienced team of export specialists: fluent in foreign languages, with many years of practical business experience ang with knowledge of marketing regarding the selected market.
  3. ITRO is a flexible model of cooperation: external export department, agency agreement, representative office or interim management.


ITRO professionals provide consulting services:

1. Before starting negotiations

  • develop negotiating strategy
  • develop minimum plan,
  • develop maximum plan,
  • design a negotiation scenario

2. During the negotiation process

  • practice the negotiation process with the negotiating group
  • implement developed negotiation strategies
  • actively participate in the negotiation process with the client

ITRO specialists can, on request, appear as consultants or advisors in the negotiating team. It provides a good understanding of both sides of the negotiation process in the early stages of negotiations and helps to achieve set objectives.


Due to the significant distances, lack of market experience and sufficient knowledge about the market and the contractor, foreign trade is more risky than trading on the well-known domestic market. In order to minimize risk, it is necessary to check the reliability of future business partner after the start of the negotiation process.

Possibleways to check the contractor:

  1. Business intelligence, relativelyexpensive.
  2. Banking services, which are even more expensive and cost-effective only for very large projects.
  3. Verifythe contractor by the Export Credit Insurance Corporation.

What  ITRO offers, is a basic verification reliability of the contractor. We collect publicly available information, check registers, financial statements and consult industry about the contractor. To the Russian and Chinese markets local intelligence is possible, consisting of visits to shops or visit the contractor’s office.

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